Warning possible spoilers to follow below (I mean with a title like that, what the hell were you expecting?)

So here’s a bit of background. Last year at anime expo, I decided to “dress up” as this.

Who still remembers when this was a meme?

It was really well received. This year, I was having trouble trying to come up with something to one up this. After all there weren’t any universal memes in anime currently trending I could take advantage of; aside from a certain blue ribbon, which i wasn’t really feeling. I had no idea what I was going to do, that is until two months ago, I came across a certain reddit post, which had an interesting top comment. A reddit post which you can find here. Note definitely huge spoilers here, click at your own risk.


It was at that moment, I was inspired. Inspired to be the biggest jerk possible and have a “cosplay”(if you can even call it that) that would be the most spoiler filled cosplay of all time. It is a goal no one has ever achieved, because no one has ever aimed for it. Nor has anyone actually wanted to. Until now.

So, using the same exact material I used for the Nature Valley Bar, it started as this


and after some long hard work (1 hour of cutting and painting),

this was the final result.


Now for the spoilers. In the interest of fairness, I will not list the name of the characters or the titles of the show. After all, if you don’t know the show or characters, is it really a spoiler? Then again saying that contradicts what I said my goal was. Anyway here are some spoilers (or not spoilers) below

No you are not.


Gee I wonder how this person died. *wink wink

......... I’m a monster. Or maybe its art imitating life. *spoiler for reddit post listed earlier


Note or don’t note the black mark.

Anyway, these are only some of the horrible things I plan to spoil to people, with more planned. Now its time for me to pack and get ready for Anime Expo. If anyone else is attending anime expo this year, let me know if you see me. Say hi, I’ll be the walking spoiler tag.